HeliumStats: Continuous Site and Discord Bot Development



This is a proposal to the Helium community, to provide a reliable and complete masternode monitoring service to all Helium masternode owners, as well as provide real-time statistics on the Helium blockchain to the Helium community in general.

The Problem

  • Masternodes, regardless of what blockchain they belong to, can and will go offline, or lose connectivity with the rest of the network, from time to time. A masternode stands to miss out on a payment or more if it stays offline for longer than a certain period, and in many cases, an action may have to be taken by the masternode owner or node hosting operator to fix whatever the issue might be and get that node back online. This can only happen of course, if the masternode owner or host operator is aware, as close to real-time as possible and through as convenient a means as possible, of the status of their node.
  • Members of the Helium community want to stay informed on general and specific details about the Helium blockchain as well as Helium market prices and trading volumes. Many people today have to go to the consoles of their various computers to query the blockchain, or try to aggregate Helium market data from different exchanges.

The Solution

HeliumStats.online is a website that provides solutions to the issues highlighted above. The site provides Helium masternode owners with real-time statistics on their masternode, as well as monitoring of their nodes. The site offers:

  • Real-time blockchain and network data
  • The Hexplorer – a reliable and easy to use block explorer , and one of only 2 Helium explorers available today
  • Masternode count trending charts
  • Masternode health/status
  • Easy and convenient tracking of Proposals
  • Masternode payment calculations, estimates, and payment wait periods
  • Return on Investments (ROI) estimates and calculations
  • Monitoring - Notifications sent out by email if the server running a masternode goes offline
  • Monitoring - Notifications sent out by email if the server running a masternode which was previously reported as offline, comes back online
  • Monitoring - Notifications sent out by email if a monitored masternode goes into an expired state
  • Monitoring - Notifications sent out by email if a monitored masternode receives a payment
  • Easy export of masternode payments or list of masternodes in CSV, EXCEL or PDF formats - or printed out, all at the click of a button
  • One-stop Resource section providing general information and relevant links about Helium

The Proposal

HeliumStats.online has been up and running since the earliest post-launch days of the Helium blockchain, and I have constantly had features added to it.

By this proposal, I am committing to:

  • Keep the services provided on HeliumStats.online FREE – the current plan is to have the notification service a paid service from December 1, 2018.
    I am committing in this proposal to instead, keep the services free for at least 1 year from the approval of the proposal. At the end of the one-year period, I will evaluate a potential renewal, or the handing over of the system to be run by some other community member(s).
  • Developing and providing a Discord Bot for the official Helium Discord server, which will provide another avenue for the Helium community to get real-time stats on Helium masternodes and the blockchain, as well as add excitement and fun to the Helium Discord server.

Heli the Bot will provide:

  • HLM price information
  • information on queried nodes
  • estimated ROI for queried nodes
  • current waiting periods for masternode payments
  • proposal tracking
  • ability to tip any or all users on the Discord server
  • ability to contribute to a Helium ‘rain’, where users contribute whatever they wish to a ‘rain fund’ on the Discord server, and when the fund reaches a specified threshold, it is split equally among those online at the time
  • Heli will also be happy to add agreed upon features suggested by the community to her list of functions
  • 1 year of maintenance, support and ongoing development of all systems – Heli the Bot, Virtual Private Servers, databases, notification systems, website – all systems that make up the entire HeliumStats package

What I am asking for
To deliver the above, I am asking for the following:

  • Proposal value: 27,000 HLM
  • I am asking that the total proposal value be paid out in 3 installments over 3 consecutive proposal payment periods

The above will cover the cost of the following, over the period of 1 year:

  • Continuous development and maintenance of Heliumstats.online
  • Development of Heli the Bot
  • Cost of virtual private server hosting
  • Maintenance of databases and email systems

Why Vote Yes

There are certainly other node monitoring services out there, many of them offering similar features. However, HeliumStats.online is a dedicated site solely committed to Helium and its growing community. As a result of this singleness of focus, you can be sure that the site will place the utmost emphasis on providing quality monitoring services, without the distraction of having to provide the same services for other cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, Heli the Bot will certainly add some fun and excitement in the Helium Discord channel, even as she provides important information on your nodes and the Helium blockchain in general.

Who am I?

My name is Cryptotron, and I am a Blockchain enthusiast. I am an old-school PHP developer who, to keep abreast of all things modern, has also learned to code in a few newer languages. (No, I will not go into any PHP vs the Others battle here :slightly_smiling_face:).
I spend the boring part of each workday sweating it out as a Robotic Process Automation Developer (Blue Prism), and the remaining hours enjoying family and … bots.

Thank you.


I will be glad to vote “yes” on this as I already benefit from the Helium Stats services to monitor my nodes and I am very pleased with the services.


Thank you, @nitego. Appreciated.