Masternode setup issue


Hi, I set up my vps using the binary in the guide:

Local wallet shows masternode “enabled” but when I run the masternode status on the vps, I get this:

:~/.helium# helium-cli masternode status
error: {“code”:-1,“message”:“This is not a masternode”}

I double checked both the masternode.conf, and the helium.conf (on the VPS). No errors I can find (again, I used the guide, and substituted the IP’s on my vultr node). I waited for the block height, tried restarting the alias. The time counter isn’t running on the wallet either. Do you have a discord and/or real-time support chat?


Sorry guys, my bad…I on the vps helium.conf…instead of having masternode=1 I had “masternodes=1” All good. Masternode is running:

“message”: “Masternode successfully started”


Good that you found an answer already. If you need any additional help the Slack and Discord channels will help you next time in a more timely manner. :wink: