Startup and Development Costs



I present this proposal to the Helium community because I would like to continue the active development of along with co-developers Cryptotron and Teela. Working together for countless hours over this past month, we each used our strengths and talents to produce a free and open source service which now makes it easier than ever to install Helium Masternodes.

Merging our ideas and taking them from concept to reality was challenging and not without its own costs. December’s server bills were considerable and keeping the service running will require funding.

I submit this proposal to ask that the Helium community use this Superblock to keep our service available and fund additional work to bring new features and integrations into NodeValet’s service. With that we can continue to streamline and enhance your masternoding experience.

The Proposal

In the past month we have successfully incorporated these features already:

• API integration with Vultr and Digital Ocean to support rapid MN deployment. 5 minute, ‘one click’ install through our web GUI.
• Automatically generated masternode.conf, copy paste ready.
• Automatic server hardening. Your VPS will be more secure than most.
• Automated maintenance. Your VPS will continuously monitor the status of your Masternode and fix it if needed.
• Automatic wallet updates. Your VPS will check your coin’s github twice a day, and when it sees an update, install it.
• Several scriptlets which vastly simplify masternode management when logged into to the VPS

Planned features

• “Tinfoil helmet mode” which will support full integration with headless installations so you will be able to use our service while bypassing the API requirement if that just doesn’t sit right with you.
• On demand system updates, that will allow the user to update their NodeValet Masternode with the latest features without compromising server security.
• More granular control over individual masternodes - conveniently resync or start and stop individual masternodes
• Open to suggestions

What we are asking for

To continue to deliver and expand upon the above, we are asking for the following:

• 6.000 HLM

This will allow us to recoup some of the investment that was made to get this service up and running, and will keep our servers running for a while at least.

How do I vote yes?

On the “Proposals” tab of the Helium wallet, click the “Vote Yes” button. The wallet 16.0 makes this easy to vote from your wallet GUI, no need to use the debug console anymore.

#2 is fantastic tool, happy to support - there is a thinking of having individual contribution based install right?