"One Master Script" - Server Hardening and Masternode Installation



I present this proposal to the Helium community because I believe that everyone should be able to own and operate masternodes without needing a strong background in computer programming. If approved, I will simplify the masternode installation process by merging my server hardening script with the masternode installation script and this will make installation easier for newcomers. The finished product will be a comprehensive script with a clean interface which walks users through the masternode installation, prompting them when feedback is required, and then configures security and sets up the masternodes without further intervention.

The Problem

  • Masternodes are best run in Linux, but many Helium owners and investors are not familiar with Linux.
  • The command line interface is intimidating to users unfamiliar with it, and a lot of owners stake their Helium instead of setting up masternodes because they are afraid it will be difficult to set them up by themselves

The Proposal

The finished project will be a single script which users can invoke by pasting a single line of code into their terminal. It will then harden and secure their VPS, and will then walk them through masternode installation, prompting them for feedback and needed steps along the way. For users already running masternodes (like those of you who are voting on this proposal), you may also run the script to complete the hardening and security aspects and it will not make any changes to your existing masternodes. I will also create and publish a video walkthrough to demonstrate to users how it be used, and will continue to provide feedback and support in the Discord and Slack as needed at least through the next Superblock.

What am I asking for
To deliver the above, I am asking for the following:

  • Proposal value: 6,000 HLM
  • This single installment will cover development of the script within about a month

Why Vote Yes

Helium is a great blockchain, and will be stronger and more resilient with more masternodes. A yes vote on this proposal will lower the cost of entry into masternodes by making them so easy to setup that even Teela’s grandma could do it. Whether users hold 1,000 Helium or 50k, a comprehensive installation script benefits everyone because it strengthens the security of a great number of masternodes.

Who am I?

On Discord, you’ll find me known as AKcryptoGUY. On Slack, it’s akguy. And on BitcoinTalk it’s Akaltcoins. I am a blockchain supporter and enthusiast who has been around since 2014 and my focus is to make the world of blockchain easier to understand and use by everyone.

How do I vote yes?
Use this line in order to vote yes with all your masternodes:

mnbudgetvote many 7719f90d57605419cc350f805183029c34f61fbecff15570b68a56155087f584 yes