[VOTE] Governance budget system


Governance budget is a decentralized treasury system that will be used to fund any accepted community proposals through the masternode system. These funds can be used for anything related to Helium. It may be overhead costs for servers, or Google Apps etc., or it may be for advertising, or to help launch a business that could not be justified otherwise.

Governance budget system is planned to be enabled later down the line when the network is matured.

teela: Moonshot just pointed out that the maximum governance budget was never changed from PIVX and it is currently set at 648000 coins per month. Or 15 coins per block. We’ll want to change this. And we had a lengthy discussion before from which came that we’d want to wait before enabling governance until there is infrastructure in place. By the looks of it there are 3 options.
1: set it to 21600 (max. 0.5 coins per block, 10%) and disable the governance budget for now. It can be enabled by spork whenever everything is sorted out. Decreasing it later would require a hardfork.
2: set it to 10800 (max 0.25 coins per block, 5%) and disable the governance budget for now. It can be enabled by spork. (as proposed earlier by richy)
3: set it to 0. It can be enabled in the future but this would require a hardfork.

Vote for the governance budget:

  • 10%, 0.5 coins per block
  • 5%, 0.25 coins per block
  • 0%, no governance budget

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10% too smal, IMHO
We need 15% minimum