Wallet Setup Guide



Download the latest stable wallet release from an official source:


Run the Helium client and encrypt your wallet from the settings menu.

Encrypting your wallet is a great idea to prevent other people using your computer to steal your money or your wallet.dat file. Please don’t forget the encryption password. If you lose it, you can’t access your funds. pivx.org

Backing up

Run the Helium client and backup your wallet from the file menu. Save a copy of the wallet.dat file in a secure location. Saving a copy on a different drive or an external solution (i.e. USB stick) saves you in case of drive failure. Unencrypted wallet.dat files are not secure if stolen.

The most important thing in cryptocurrencies is backing up your wallet data! Always keep backups in multiple places so your money is safe in case you lose access to the computer. Every time you create a new receiving address, you must backup your wallet.dat file or you risk losing your newly received funds. pivx.org

Ready to use

Your wallet is ready. Pressing request payment on the receiving tab will generate an address for receiving Helium. Fields on the receiving page are optional to fill.

See the masternode setup guide or the staking guide for advanced functionality.


Staking Guide